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November 5, 2007

weekend away

Scotch abundance, The Porches, N. Adams, MA
Scotch abundance, The Porches, N. Adams, MA
Originally uploaded by rotorglow at 5 Nov '07, 11.41pm EST.

This weekend Deb took me west to North Adams, MA, for some time in the country and a visit to Mass MoCA as an early birthday present. She made all the arrangements, and all I had to do was drive us out there and back. We were going to lounge around at The Porches, an inn owned by or connected with Mass MoCA, hang out at the museum, maybe do some hiking, and head to Lenox for dinner.

Well, we ended up doing most of that stuff, but we (by which I mean "I") were hampered a bit after I sprained my ankle after taking a bad step on Friday night. I heard something snap, but was able to drive us back to the hotel. Deb's sister (a physical therapist) prescribed ice and elevation, and a trip to the ER in the AM.

Long story short, I did that, got some crutches, and we still managed to have nice weekend. Mass MoCA is awesome, even (especially?) from a wheelchair. Cafe Latino is a great restaurant within the museum grounds, and The Porches has a fantastic ambience combining weathered-wood charm with pristine white Ian Schrager-like modernity. And it's got a year-round heated outdoor pool, sauna, DSL, DVDs and inexplicably generous pours of Scotch in the sitting room of the main building.

Special shout-out to Deb for putting the whole thing together, and for driving Veloce all weekend (including the trip home). Zoom zoom.

November 12, 2007

this is Noemi Claire

this is Noemi Claire
wrapped up
Originally uploaded by noemi.claire at 11 Nov '07, 11.10am EST PST.

My friends John and Christine belong to her. She was born on 11/4, and has her own Flickr page already.

November 13, 2007

spam stats, 10/16/2007-11/13/2007

Because I'm bored, I just ran some numbers on my email account, comparing the amount of mail SpamAssassin correctly identified as spam to what it incorrectly identified as legit (and I had to flag as spam) and what it incorrectly identified as spam (and I had to go looking for in the spam folder).

The numbers are not terribly surprising. (Excuse the screenshot, but I'm not quite bored enough to format a table for an MT entry. Also, my foot hurts.)


So, SpamAssassin correctly identifies 87.5% of my mail as spam, goofs (in some way or another) on another 1.4%, leaving me with 11.2% of my incoming email as legit.

A couple more notes:

I have a procmail script that backs everything up to a folder before handing the message off to SpamAssassin (that's where I get the total message count).

SpamAssassin 2.63 is installed on Neophi.

I have adjusted SpamAssasin's sensitivity up a tiny bit, but not much at all.

The 3 false-positives are the ones I am aware (when I was expecting something that didn't show up in the inbox). I basically never comb the Backup folder or any of the spam folders looking for something unless I get to wonder "WTF?" about a missing message. That means there's a potential for lost mail from unknown correspondents.

November 16, 2007

my wheels this weekend

my wheels this weekend
Mustang Shelby GT-H, Tempe, AZ
Originally uploaded by rotorglow at 16 Nov '07, 12.54pm EST.

November 28, 2007

just because

just because
just because
Originally uploaded by rotorglow at 27 Nov '07, 12.21am EST.

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