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October 20, 2005

get your kicks

The cast:
Mr. Pink., a middle-aged South Asian gas station manager
Mr. White., a 30-something obsessive automobile owner

The location:
Self-serve pump #2 at a Sunoco station in a medium-sized city outside of a slightly larger city. Day.

[Mr. White is refueling a red car. Mr. Pink approaches slowly. He places his hands on the rear fender of of Mr. White's car, opposite from where Mr. White is holding the pump nozzle in his car's fuel filler.]

Mr. Pink: I...
Mr. White: Please don't touch.
[Mr. Pink glances up at Mr. White, and moves closer, around the back of the car, still touching it.]
Mr. White: Please! Don't touch.
Mr. Pink: Uh?
Mr. White [annoyed]: Don't. Touch.
[A light bulb appears above Mr. Pink's head. He acts surprised, but removes his hands from the car.]
Mr. Pink: Ah! I have been touching MILLIONS of cars. [He waves his hand subcontinentally.]
Mr. White: I have no doubt.
Mr. Pink [motioning toward inspection sticker on windshield. The sticker expires in October.]: I can give you a new sticker.
[Mr. White stifles a snort.]
Mr. White: No thanks.
[Exit Mr. Pink]
[Mr. White finishes refueling.]
[Exit Mr. White]


October 27, 2005

*knock knock*...why, yes, as a matter of fact, I *am* listening to Metallica

I'm off to Phila for the weekend tomorrow. Since the weather's going to be good, I decided I'd drive instead of fly. I imagine my dad and I will take part in the quintessential suburban father/son bonding activity: car detailing, maybe a little test driving.

Mostly, though, I'm looking forward to nobody being able to hear any music during the trip but me.

January 12, 2006

winter plumage Veloce (part II)

winter plumage Veloce (part II)
Originally uploaded by rotorglow at 12 Jan '06, 11.23pm PST.

I got my hardtop painted this week, and picked it up from the shop today. Weirdly, today was bright, sunny and warm (in the 50s), and was perfect for dropping the top. Ah well.

But a couple days with the hardtop off made me realize how much better the car feels with it on. The ride is much better, and it's a lot quieter--not just because there's less wind noise, but also because there's no canvas and vinyl slapping against the roof frame.

Plus, it looks boss. Even with the winter wheels, it makes me forget my pants are still tightly zipped.

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