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February 15, 2005

Has there been a more distasteful list of "celebrities?"

Other possible witnesses included Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Chris Tucker, former child actor Corey Feldman (news), Backstreet Boy Nick Carter (news) and younger brother Aaron, CBS correspondent Ed Bradley, CNN's Larry King, Fox broadcaster Rita Cosby, New Age guru Deepak Chopra, psychic Uri Geller, illusionist David Blaine (news - web sites), Las Vegas tycoon Steve Wynn (news) and relatives of the late Marlon Brando (news).

November 10, 2006

seek an ye shall (not) find

Google query that led someone here:

ed bradley's favorite beer

Naturally, Clampants and I riffed on this for a little while, but lots of it was pretty tasteless.

April 19, 2007


Tim: So, what is better about the Tim Sweeney show is that, next Sunday, I have to help Kat give an AM presentation to her mom's group about diapers
Tim: by handling Miles, that is
Chris: !
Tim: she warned me not to be hungover.
Tim: I think that would be fabulous
Tim: scruffy...bruised...hungover
Tim: Being told to sit in the car
Tim: "oh my"
Chris: especially if it's not just Sunday morning, but, like, Sunday afternoon at 5PM
Tim: Maybe i'll be smoking
Tim: ...perhaps from catching fire the night before.
Chris: "What?? He has an ear infection. The smoke is good for him!"
Chris: what, pray, is there to say about diapers?
Tim: ...just ask Kat
Tim: She's the Avon lady of GDiapers
Chris: ohhh, those things.
Chris: are there going to be other dads there?
Tim: nope
Chris: lol
Chris: sweet
Tim: Ladies ladies!
Chris: shit.
Chris: "There's plenty. Just stay calm."
Tim: Here, I brought my dog's sex doll
Tim: ...
Chris: *scuffle*
Tim: "My man LOVE me"
Chris: *worried quack*
Tim: my sides

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