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June 25, 2005


I've been trying to come up with a word to describe this past week and for that matter, continuing saga, that is my life right now. First the good part.
Sasha was in town on Thursday the 16th. His new all electronic setup is sweet and the show was amazing. I danced till it hurt and was very happy. Granted three and a half hours of sleep probably wasn't enough to go into work on Friday, but who's keeping track.
Friday night included a speed run to the Revere Kelly's for a yummy sandwich and some fries.
Saturday my friend David was visiting and we ended up at the Grafton Street. Excellent grub, good conversation and some okay musings from the singer/songwriter that was playing.
Sunday brought a horde of my roommate's friends to our place for a BBQ, which included another scrumptious meal cooked on my new grill. I also managed to pack away more drinks than I usually would, which I suspect may have been where my problems began. After sleeping from 8:30 to 11:30pm my fish bowl brain was gone. I managed to eat a little, make a camping reservation for this weekend, take some aspirin and then get to bed around 12:30am.

Monday morning I woke up with a scratchy throat and figured I was just a little dehydrated. By lunch time it was starting to feel a little more serious. The scratchy throat was persisting. I made a quick run to CVS and picked up some Superfood and throat drops. Alas, they did little. By supper time I was experiencing chills, goose bumps, and my other typical signs of a cold coming on. Fluids, rest, and skip setting the alarm.
Tuesday brought more sore throat, working from home, and it was now painful to swallow. It's amazing how many times you involuntarily swallow throughout the day. Let me tell you, when every one requires conscious effort you quickly grasp how lucky we are that normally it isn't something that you have to think about. Since it had worked well on me in the past, I also made a couple hot toddys. They didn't help this time.
Unfortunately, sleep evaded me and Wednesday stormed in with more of the same. I was now on a mostly liquid diet alternating between red tea with lemon and honey, whatever juice I could find, and soup when I was hungry.
Thursday I woke up and I could swallow again without pain. I trekked back into work, gruffy voice in tow. Besides being on a fairly regular dosage of aspirin, I felt like things were getting better.
Friday was another day at work, but now my nose had started to run. Also, this may gross some of you out, I had the occasional temporary bloody nose, but only on the right side. Friday got worse though when everyone went out to Stephanie's for lunch to send off some departing co-workers. I'm guessing the heat transitions from A/C office to outside to A/C in the restaurant and back again is what helped result in a headache. The temperature was also starting to get really hot and I'd not put in my A/C unit yet. Alas, it was a very tossy turny night, waking up multiple times to nose.