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December 1, 2010

Code Coverage Comparison

Having spent some time using the new ActionScript Code Coverage Plug-in for Flash Builder, I thought I'd compare it to the existing Flexcover tool.

Below are the major reasons why I'd chose one tool over the other.

Why Flexcover is the better choice:

  • Support for continuous integration systems (generate a report from the command line in common code coverage syntaxes)

  • Partial line coverage (does every part of a boolean expression get exercised to both true and false)

Why ActionScript Code Coverage is the better choice:

  • No special compilation step (just run your project with the collector enabled)

  • Ease of use (no need to load CVM files and switch out of Eclipse to view coverage)

Personally I see using the two tools complimenting each other. I see using the ActionScript Code Coverage during my development and unit testing to get quick feedback and Flexcover as part of integration and nightly builds to track coverage over time and get more detailed coverage statistics.

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