September 26, 2007

OLPC Give 1 Get 1


Starting November 12, One Laptop Per Child will be offering a Give 1 Get 1 Program for a brief window of time. For $399, you will be purchasing two XO laptops—one that will be sent to empower a child to learn in a developing nation, and one that will be sent to your child at home

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June 17, 2006

Kimball Farms

Today I went out to Kimball Farms in Westford to play some miniature golf. While there I also went for a spin on the bumper boats and had lots of yummy ice cream. The mini-golf course was well put together with some challenging holes but nothing too easy or troublesome. There was an informal competition between the twenty or so people that were there. I managed to win coming in just two over par. I skimmed in under the next competitor who was at three under par. Overall a great course to play on and the other activities at the site make for easy distractions if mini-golf isn't your thing.

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May 1, 2006


Tonight the MoS held an event called Face-to-Face Digital: Fusing the Physical World with the Digital World. The event centered around the nTag Wave produced by nTag. It is an intelligent badge that lets you optionally track other event attendees that you talked with and additionally exchange contact information. This is the second time that nTag has sponsored such a program at the MoS, the first being three years ago at the 2003 S-Games.

Based on pictures that I saw from the previous event the physical design of the system has changed dramatically from a puck based block to a more candy bar phone like format. The PDF linked to above has an example shot of the device. You track who you have talked with by holding the two devices up next to each other at which point you get a visual indication that they are exchanging information. Optionally during this process you can also hold down a button on the base of the unit which will initiate an exchange of contact information. This process requires both parties to be holding down the button. I found that to be a nice aspect. Requiring active participation from both users prevents accidental contact sharing.

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October 15, 2005

MIT Press Book Sale

MIT Press Book Sale

If you are around Boston this weekend, MIT Press is having a book sale.
DATE: October 15 & 16, 2005
TIME: 10 am - 7 pm (both days)

July 30, 2005


I've now found a new mecca of sake in Boston: Mall Discount Liquors out at the Fresh Pond Mall. By far the best selection of sake I've seen in a long time. They even have write-ups on the shelves about many of the sakes. One neat thing is that the back of many bottles included a quality scale from

Besides picking up a new bottle of sake to try, I also found some cool glasses by Riedel. They will make a nice edition to the sake drinking set I already have.

August 22, 2004

Mercedes-Benz Driving Event

Mercedes-Benz Driving Event

Mmmmmm, a chance to drive around in lots of expensive cars on nifty little tracks. I think you'll have a better chance of getting a spot if you happen to know someone who already owns a Benz.