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if only the Grokster lobby were half as powerful

Congress OKs Gun Industry Lawsuit Shield - Yahoo! News

Upshot? Smith & Wesson can't be sued if I go on a murderous rampage, but Grokster can be sued if I download Poison Ivy.



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From an abstract point-of-view the legitimate use criteria does hold in these cases. I highly doubt that Bonjour/Rendezvous will suffer the same fate as the original Napster and Grokster did, enough though much of the same technology underlies them. This of course is also coming from the point of view of someone who works for a company that uses Bonjour to enable legal file sharing of digital media.

This ComputerWorld article about the Curtain falls on Grokster mentions a key point about why Grokster was successfully sued:

In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court left the landmark Sony decision untouched, but found that Grokster and another P2P distributor were at fault for promoting copyright infringement among users of their products. The Sony decision doesn’t provide shelter for promoters of copyright infringement, the Supreme Court found.

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