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Scorpios. Woot.

Big day today, and so I thought I'd start it off by trying to decompress from an absolutely dreadful football result. Early tomorrow I will go to renew my driver's license and get rid of that mugshot (which many of you have not seen, nor will you, though I vaguely recall passing it around on Saturday night to prove that I really am as old as I said I am) which has haunted me since I moved to MA. The last time I had a chance to renew, 5 years ago, I was asked by the friendly clerk, "Do you want a new picture?"

Inexplicably, I replied, "Nah, that one's fine." Though I no longer looked anything like it, and indeed, nobody had looked remotely like that since, well, 1974. I think I'd been caught in some kind of bad hair/big head warp. So that was a huge mistake (which I could have rectified by paying $10 or $20 to get a new license).

But hey. I'm cheap.

I think I might be done paying attention to sports. It's been slim pickings lately and I think I might as well just start raising cabbage or something.

Even in the winter. Growing cabbage, indoors, in MA, must be more rewarding than following football.

So. Let's bring the curtain down (so to speak) on orbit number 2² × 3² (a charming expression someone reminded me of last week) and get busy with whatever comes next.

As long as it doesn't involve football.


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Oh yeah, happy birthday.

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