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good? bad? things come in threes

This morning on my way to work, I saw, in order, these three notable things:

An Audi S4 with a smashed-and (presumably)-grabbed passenger window, around the corner from my apartment (and half a block away from where I park).  I thought about taking a picture, but it seemed disrespectful, since the owner clearly didn't know about it yet.  So that wasn't cool.

Then, I saw a Bentley Continental Flying Spur, down by Memorial Drive.  Dude had the window open; listening to all 12 cylinders, I guess. 

Finally, there were a lot of emergency vehicles (ambulances, state troopers) along Fresh Pond Parkway where a small Toyota had apparently missed the part where the road bends to the right, and kept going straight, diagonally through the intersection, across the sidewalk and up into the 12-foot high wooden wall (and adjoining shrubbery) in front of a robber-baron's manse.  Waiting at the light, I saw a leather backback plopped awkwardly in the middle of the sidewalk.  I sure hope its owner is ok. 

Oh, and the driver too.


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