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do it for the mustaches


Tim pointed me to an improbably-fantastic blog called Minor Tweaks today. While I was enjoying some of that, my attention wandered (as it does, on occasion) and I noticed a link to (I guess) that guy's other site, I Have OPINIONS!!!, a collection rants read by a voice synthesizer.

And now I am sobbing with laughter. It is the funniest thing ever. At least for the time being.

Go. Go there now.


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Hey, I'm going there now but just FYI, the second link to the site in your posting is missing an "e": http://www.ihavopinions.com/


Or, were you leaving the "e" out intentionally as a nod to the title graphic of "minor tweaks"? bwahhhhh! Seriously though, that is FUNNY! My favorite is "the Sun Sucks."

I wish I could say I left the "e" out on purpose. But I didn't. All fixed now; thanks.

Did you really listen to all of those rants that quickly??

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