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So....I'm back from Minneapolis. A grand time was had by all--especially me, apparently. I know I mentioned I'd tell stories, but I need to do some more fact-checking before I file a report. Suffice it to say, the ceremony was very nice, and the reception was splendid fun. The only real problem is that I became separated from my camera toward the end of the night, so I have no pix to show yet. I'm hoping the camera will make an appearance soon.

Before the wedding Kat drove me over to St. Paul to visit the house I lived in when I was 2, which was pretty neat. But the pix are on the camera, wherever that is, so....yeah.

Ah well. More soon.

EDIT, 1055, 6/12/06: Leah called me yesterday to say she was picking up the camera and the rest of my belongings, and will store them safely at Joe's parents house before bringing them back east when they return from their honeymoon. So....great f'n news.


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