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I'll always hear the *clunk* of the ZOOM in my dreams

I'll always hear the *clunk* of the <i>ZOOM</i> in my dreams
Originally uploaded by rotorglow at 30 Aug '06, 11.16pm EDT.

I just unloaded by beloved Zenith System 3 TV, with Computer Space Command. Had to give it away on on Craig's List, because apparently nobody appreciated the brilliance of its design, and $20 was too much to pay for such quality when I posted it a couple of months ago. Sheesh.

Anyway, it's a little bittersweet. It went to a nice grandmother from Medford, whose grandchildren will watch The Wiggles or Spongebob or whatever else when they come to visit. I will not detail how much of a contrast that is from some of the stuff I've watched on it....

But hey....I'm glad it's not taking up floor space. And further, the woman said she goes to church every day, and would pray for me. So, I figure I'm pretty much set.

Tim and I chatted about it today:

(15:47:54) Chris: my old TV is leaving me tonight.
(15:48:17) Tim: noooo, really?
(15:48:26) Tim: In what context is it leaving you?
(15:48:33) Tim: I imagine it is going into the future
(15:49:26) Chris: I put it on Craig's List again. For free this time. I guess $20 was too much the last time around.
(15:49:34) Chris: I got about 6 responses this time.
(15:49:36) Tim: cheapskates
(15:49:42) Tim: WILL U DELIVR
(15:51:45) Tim: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/8/83/2001-terminated.jpg/300px-2001-terminated.jpg
(15:53:08) Tim: http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/290000/images/_292313_odyssey300.jpg
(15:53:21) Tim: "So, it is free?"
(15:53:26) Tim: "Shh, not so loud"
(15:53:37) Tim: "Will U deliver?"
(15:53:50) Chris: shit. maybe I should keep it...
(15:53:58) Tim: I don't think you have a choice
(15:54:00) Chris: otherwise I be sent into the abyss.
(15:54:10) Tim: "Daiseeeeeee"
(15:54:30) Tim: sigh. that's sad
(15:54:37) Tim: Solid State
(15:55:23) Chris: I'll always have the pictures.... and the irradiated insides.
(15:56:19) Tim: One cold February morning you'll step outside and it will be sitting there
(15:56:25) Tim: and everyone else will be dead
(15:57:32) Chris: I'll always hear the *clunk* of the ZOOM in my dreams.


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