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heading out to the highway

It's already Tuesday, which is good. And things have been sort of good-busy since last Monday when I prattled on about bowling. Hence the delay.

The weekend peaked early with a big ol' birthday-ish gathering for pool at Flat Top Johnny's. There are pictures, but you will have to find them for yourself. Well, except for one. This cabbage meme keeps hanging around....Heh.

So I had a super time on Friday night, and it was great to see everyone. Saturday was necessarily quiet, though I did go see Borat (excellent, but not quite as pants-wettingly funny as I'd expected). Sunday was....ok. Brunch at the Plough and Stars (good) followed by a grim afternoon of football (um...not-good).

But I unearthed some Judas Priest on my iPod, and on Thursday I'm heading to NYC for turkey.

There's always next year.

PS: for your edification:
Priest...Live! - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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