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she makes me want things I never had

So, let's do a little catching up:

NYC: trip down sucked. Time there was great. Trip back was fast and dry (but fie on the inattentive motherfucker who tapped my bumper at a stoplight with his Tundra). But, you know, it's all about being thankful, and it was splendid to see my family. My grandfather still amazes, telling a variety of stories about the old days when you had to circulate engine oil by hand or else the engine would seize, which was a bad state of affairs if you were on a motorcycle: the bike would stop suddenly, and send you flying over the handlebars. And a kooky French car which burned a quart of oil per tank of gas.

He amazes in all sorts of ways, but these were the funny stories this time around.

I'm toting a new ax. I got a new camera from my parents for my birthday, which they presented to me when we were in NYC. I'm working hard on getting the hang of it. It's actually proving tricky, but that might just be because I'm over-thinking things and treating it like a film camera. Which is easy to do, because I can use all my old Nikon glass on it, and it feels like a Nikon SLR (duh). But practice makes perfect, goodness knows. So I'll just have to keep going.

Sunday was spent recovering, washing the car and shooting some pix of that crazy pooch Rocky, as posted earlier.

And now it's back to the land of dreams. I was remembering the other day how the "ennui" category on this blog came about, when my friend Kate was telling me about post-marathon (or double-century) ennui. And I remember thinking, That's it! And added the category.

Great story, huh?

I'm going to a Christmas party on Saturday, and I've decided I'll be wearing a costume (of sorts). Now I just need to find the supplies. (And no, sadly it has nothing to do with Black Flag.)

But that's a long way off (it feels like). Saturday is so rarely "tomorrow."


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I just bought that a few weeks ago!

*Creates Big Black Flag playlist...*


Oh, ennui, how I remember you. (Not that you're gone, just dormant for a bit while I am writing papers and studying for finals.)

But! It's hard for ennui to worm his way in there when there's parties to go to (in costume!) and time to be spent with dogs like Rocky.

True. Dogs manage to set things right. But....did you see the ""costume"? The word hardly fits, but it's what I could manage.

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