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Tim: So, what is better about the Tim Sweeney show is that, next Sunday, I have to help Kat give an AM presentation to her mom's group about diapers
Tim: by handling Miles, that is
Chris: !
Tim: she warned me not to be hungover.
Tim: I think that would be fabulous
Tim: scruffy...bruised...hungover
Tim: Being told to sit in the car
Tim: "oh my"
Chris: especially if it's not just Sunday morning, but, like, Sunday afternoon at 5PM
Tim: Maybe i'll be smoking
Tim: ...perhaps from catching fire the night before.
Chris: "What?? He has an ear infection. The smoke is good for him!"
Chris: what, pray, is there to say about diapers?
Tim: ...just ask Kat
Tim: She's the Avon lady of GDiapers
Chris: ohhh, those things.
Chris: are there going to be other dads there?
Tim: nope
Chris: lol
Chris: sweet
Tim: Ladies ladies!
Chris: shit.
Chris: "There's plenty. Just stay calm."
Tim: Here, I brought my dog's sex doll
Tim: ...
Chris: *scuffle*
Tim: "My man LOVE me"
Chris: *worried quack*
Tim: my sides


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