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I've been lax

I haven't been writing much lately; and it's not that nothing's been happening, just that I've....not been writing much lately. So on a day when I've gotten virtually nothing done, it seems weirdly incongruous to write a post about not writing posts.

I've hung out with/endured the wiener dogs for a night. With Scooter Girl's help, the hardtop came off the car (which put a stop to the new car pangs I was feeling after my dad got his new ride). We've seen movies like Vanishing Point and The Lives of Others. I've yelled at the TV. I've been to the Publick House and I've hung out with
Miles (at Publick House and elsewhere).

Speaking of new cars, I'm going to Phila this weekend to visit my parents, and aforementioned monstrous new car. Flying instead of driving, because I can't face the NJTP twice in 2 months.

And there it is. Nothing new. Nothing really happening, just continually moving, like a shark, to keep water running through the gills.


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