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In keeping with a general desire to have as many media under my thumb as possible (the better with which to say absolutely nothing at all), I've started a tumbleblog, rotorglow.tumblr.com
. It seems a good place to put the moment-by-moment cool things that crop up through the day.

Then again, maybe I should just post those here.

Or, through the magic of MT widgets, I can do both, by just embedding the RSS feed for the tumbleblog in the sidebar to the right. So that's what I've done; the "TUMBLGLOW" section shows the 5 most recent entries ("tumbles?"...eww...) on the tumbleblog.

I'm not sure this will raise the quality of discourse around here, or just the quantity.

Like a lot of things, I found about this from Clampants, who's got a nice tumbleblog of his own underway.

Update (1739 EDT): Rats. Well, reading the fine print confirmed that only the entries in the feed at the time the index template (=this page) is rebuilt get pulled into the page. And it doesn't work with dynamically generated pages. So for the tumbleblog feed to be kept updated would require me to rebuilt the index page everytime the feed is updated (which I'm not going to do), or setup a cron job to rebuild the page periodically just in case there are feed changes to display (which I doubt I'm going to do). So I'll find a more elegant solution soon. Meanwhile, just click the damn tumbleblog link further down the page under the "me" section.


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Check out http://www.feeddigest.com/. It's a JavaScript insert that will pull a feed in real time. It's how I keep my del.icio.us feed up to date on my main page.

Ah! That looks perfect. Thanks for the tip.

Annnnd....done. A few tweaks left to make to the feed template, but....

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