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stimulus check

stimulus check
new brakes: installed
Originally uploaded by rotorglow at 21 May '08, 3.36pm EDT.

Here's what I spent my free money from the gubmint (and then some) on: brakes. I finally feel like the car stops as well as it goes.


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Brings to mind a comment from the chief engineer of the Veyron, "My philosophy is that you should be able to brake better than you can accelerate." This from the man who brought a car capable of doing 0 to 253 mph in 53 seconds and 253 to 0 mph in 10 seconds into the world.

Mmmm....Veyron..... 0-253-0 in 63 sec. That's really amazing.

F1 cars can brake at 5G (because there's so much downforce, and thus traction; tires simply won't slip at high speed).

I was always a big believer (conceptually) in having brakes that matched or exceeded the power of a car. And I'd always felt my stock brakes were "ok" (or I should say, they at least exceeded the tires' grip). But it wasn't till I got these, that I realized how lacking the stock pads are. And I made the change now because I got tired of the shakes, the deep scoring of the old rotors, etc.

These new ones (and it's really the pads and the stainless steel lines, I think, which are doing the magic) feel solid, don't shake, and if I had better tires, would suck the eyeballs out of your head. As it is, the tires give up before the brakes do.

But at least there's none of that "OHMIGOD OHMIGOD" while you're grendading the brake pedal with both feet.

You have to try driving it now. I've got 30 extra HP and these new brakes compared to the last time you drove it.

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