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Just as bad

As slick looking as G5s and Tiger are, just like Windows, they have quirks. I've had some issues with most of the Apple products I've bought so far. First was the power issues with my G5. Ended up having to disable all power saver functions in order to get the box to sleep correctly. Now after upgrading to Tiger QuickTime seems to occasionally hang the entire box forcing a hard power reset.

I think I've just come to conclude that I just want software and hardware to work for the few things that I want it to do well. While I'm on the subject Quicken for Mac is a very inferior product to Quicken for Windows. It's almost like two separate companies created the products since the feature matrix is so out of wack. Having used both now for a long time, I'm tempted to just run Quicken for Windows within Virtual PC. However, that would require again not being able to transfer any data from one version of Quicken to the other since the Mac and Windows formats are so incompatible about all you can transfer is your current balances. And to top it all off, I get a promotional cd in the mail touting the 121 new features of Quicken 2005 for Windows.

I hate computers. I hate spam. No, I really really detest spam.

Did I also mention too that my web server has started crashing my system on a regular basis. Actually worse than crashing, completely hanging, requiring a manual power cycle. Frick'n bit rot.

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