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Beyond the Politics of Fear (ACLU MA Conference 2009)

Introduction given by Carol Rose, Executive Director, ACLU of Massachusetts

Conference theme is getting beyond the politics of fear and reclaiming our civil liberties.

Need to build a system of accountability and restore the rule of law. Ensure that the Obama administration and Congress keeps their campaign promises. Rollback the regime of secrecy.

Need to score victories in ever town like Cambridge's recent revocation of the surveillance cameras.

Work to curtail the Commonwealth Fusion Center which is a data mining operation and needs restrictions. A bill has been introduced to provide oversight of that center.

Massachusetts is among the worst in number of youths that we lock up. Must educate not incarcerate. ICE is handling immigrants poorly. Growing concern that students posting content on public sites are causing problems for them in school.

ACLUM is looking to increase membership from 20,000 to 30,000 in the next 5 years. Sign up now!

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