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Have you actually watched a spider in action, once its web has caught something? It's pretty amazing.

A spider had set up a pretty elaborate web outside my window, but it didn't seem to be snagging anything; in fact the spider was in the same position at the center of the wb for so long I thought it was dead. When I saw it moving around this evening, I decided to turn my bedside lamp around so it would shine out the window, through the web, and attract some bugs for the spider.

Inside of an hour, some big honkin' bug had been snared in the outer part of the web, and the spider was working on wrapping it up in a Coccoon of Death. It spun the hapless varmint on a thread, like a pig on a spit over a fire. The spider did that for a bit, then checked out the condition of the web, and resumed its post at the center.

I kept expecting other bugs to be caught, and expected the spider would have plenty of other things to throw on the grill, but not many were drawn in. Three hours after I turned on the light, the spider had moved the quite dead (I'm pretty sure) bug toward the center of the web and was working on eating it. Or sucking it dry, or whatever.

For a while, the spider left the bug an inch or two from the center, visiting it occasionally. (Like a cheese plate?) But it had the bug at the very center, and was clearly relishing it.

Like I said. Amazing.


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