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I've been impressed and disgusted,

I've been impressed and disgusted, though I suppose not really surprised (hmm...or does "impressed" imply that I am surprised?) at the inconsideration of some of my fellow humans in the wake of this recent snow storm. For instance:

This morning a suede-and-fur wearing businesswoman thought that the best way to dig her car out was to swipe the plowed snow back into the street. This, even though in many cases it was a longer throw for her to move the snow back into the street than to put it in a pile on the sidewalk-side of her car, which would have had the further advantage of ensuring that the snow wouldn't be plowed back against whatever car took her space--and then dug out again, etc. Sure enough, once she got herself out, apparently a plow came through and moved all the snow back against a car. So, instead of a usable space being cleared and left for someone else (who knows?--perhaps even the person who cleared it in the first place), someone has to move that same snow again.

So, to you, brown-suede power-trollop with a dark blue BMW 528i, I say: "You're why the rest of us dislike BMW drivers. And yes, I have pictures."

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This evening: a petite college-age woman set about digging her white Civic out. But just as inexplicably as this morning's nonsense, she carefully carried the snow across the one way street to put it on the pile of snow against another car, even though this was 250% farther for her to carry the snow than dumping it permanently out of the way around the back of her car would have required. I'm not sure which is worse: that she was inconsiderate enough to think that it was ok to require someone else to move her snow a second time, or that she was stupid enough to so grossly misjudge the relative distances involved. (What college would admit such a fool??)

Happily, she quickly grew weary, and after 3 or 4 shovelfuls (and just as I was putting on my boots to go out and have a word), she climbed in and tried to bust her little Civic through a 2-foot wall of snow. This failed, of course, because the Civic was no match for the snow or the witlessness of its driver, and she gave up and headed off to find a cab. Or something.

And so to you, selfish petite woman, I say: If it had been my car that you were further-entombing with your thoughtlessness, you may rest assured that you would not been forced, or even able, to toil so uselessly for as long as you did...


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