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Traces of Mustard.
Originally uploaded by Gogi.

This is from a really amazing, but oddly somber Flickr set called 50 Grams of Urban Loneliness. Great stuff.

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Looking at this (excellent) photoset about lonliness and somber scenes, two thoughts come to mind:

- I wish there was a way (maybe there is) on Flickr to disable viewing comments...like, I would have liked to have scrolled through those photos (not via the slideshow functionality), but not read things like "OMG is LOVELY :)" or "You should add this to a trains and trolleys group I have." It just seems to detract from the photo (and I have been thinking that this holds true for all photos and all comments)...

- similar to comments, I wish you could do the same for notes. Having a note added to a photo DEFINITELY takes away from the internal "taking in of" the photo. Imagine a post-it stuck to Guernica: "I like this part - Tim." Though, to their credit, Flickr does the semi-viewable notes thing very well...but still...


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