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Tonight, Albert, Anastasia, Tim and I went to see DJ Nickodemus and Nappy G (who together comprise most of Turntables on the Hudson) at Middlesex.

(Why do I get a special thrill from typing that?)

And it was. So. Fucking. Amazing.

At first I only thought it was going to be Nickodemus, but as Nappy G setup his stuff, it was clearly going to be a Turntables on the Hudson show. I've seen them a few times--on the Hudson, even. And each time has been amazing for one reason or another. This was no exception. **

I guess this time it was because of the close quarters (instead of a pier on the river), the good sound, the fact that I could see what Nappy G was drumming on from 8 feet away, the cast of characters, and a bunch of intangibles. (Strange, unplacable* euphoria?) Every time Nickodemus spins, I'm just floored. And for a change, it was all about the music this time.

Bhangra, Egyptian, salsa, you name it....it was quite an experience.

I don't typically smile for 2 hours straight. But I did tonight.

Thanks, y'all. I needed that.

EDITS (because it's my blog, and I can do that):
*Seems this isn't the word I mean. So let's just go with "je ne sais quoi."
**I rewrote this paragraph because....well, because at 0200 this morning I wasn't making any sense. But now I am.

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Samantha Dillinger:

What you wrote is all pops and buzzes to me, but I did pick up on this part, which made ME smile: "I don't typically smile for 2 hours straight. But I did tonight."


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