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Black Taj


What's better (and more rare) than a sunny top-down morning in November? Well, not much. At least, not much that I'll muse about on a web page. So maybe the better question is, how can you improve on a top-down day in November and keep your clothes on?

Idly search for, find, and then purchase, a Black Taj album, of course.

I saw them open for Trans Am at the Middle East a couple of years ago, and had seen Polvo about 14 times way back when, and had (off and on) been salivating at the prospect of a record.

Today, I found it. And in addition to the song linked above, another one to tide me over till the record arrives.

Skynrd goes to Morocco.....

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EVERY time I look at that picture I am disturbed all over again.

And yet it's strangely so appealing.

(I guess for some people it might not be "strangely" appealing...)

I agree. Except for the disturbed part. There're no two ways around it: The picture is genius. If I didn't know better, I'd think it was staged.


Can't see the pic in question, of course.. damn that Flickr-blockr! You're going to laugh when you get your birthday-trinket...

Re: Flickr-blockr... No comment.


I cannot see a SINGLE reason why anyone would want to block that picture.

EXACTLY! Yet some employers are not as...appreciative? of the female form. Or any other form on Flickr.

I'm just sayin'....


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