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Sudden Thoughts and Second Thoughts

(With apologies and thanks to my favorite Inquirer sports columninst, Bill Lyon, for the title.)

Instead of dealing with "significant" stuff during my weekends, I've been dealing with "important" stuff. To wit:

A couple of weekends ago, I installed Veloce's boost gauge. Red, black and anodized aluminum. Settable peak LED (set at 7psi). Pix to come.

Speaking of Veloce, it turns 2 tomorrow today. It was built 5/12/04, I wrote the check on 9/30/04, and I drove it away on 10/2/04. After a mere 14041 miles, I am ruined for cars with fixed roofs.

Speaking of Mazdaspeed, it seems there's a car that might actually lure my father away from the WRX he's been considering for a couple years. He's awaiting the arrival of the (sublime, by all accounts) Mazdaspeed3, at least to give it a drive before he decides what to get.

Speaking of....red?, the Phillies were eliminated from the playoff chase on Saturday. They won, as they needed to, but they needed help from at least one of two other teams. And you can never count on that kind of help. Sure enough, they didn't get it. Wait till next year.

Speaking of wait till next year, the undergraduates have returned to Boston. Long since, it's true, but they're no longer traveling in packs of the same size as a month ago. Which means they're covering more territory, and are more "in the way."

Speaking of undergraduates (or, ahem, in the way), they look a lot better than they did when I was that age. There are exceptions1, of course. But, jeeze.

Speaking of hot, my apartment was without hot water for about 12 hours this morning.

So that's the news, and some of the sudden thoughts.

  1. Like the time I was walking over the 38th St. bridge and came up behind a young woman headed in the same direction and thought to myself, "Wow. Nice ass." Then I realized the ass belonged to the girl I'd just started dating.


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