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the weekend? well, I'll tell you....

the weekend?  well, I'll tell you....
Coke can with iPod
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So, it's Monday again, and it's dreary and grey, leaving me to think about where the weekend went, and how to go about making it through to another one.

Friday was some nice yellowfin tuna at Summer Shack, followed by bowling. I ran out of money at the lanes, and the ATM was on the fritz. So I should probably thank Ian for spotting me all that beer. And I should thank Linnea for the ride home. And I should probably apologize to all sorts of people for my glib antics; such is the freedom of not having driven. I fell asleep mostly-clothed, chewing on a stick of gum, and with all the lights on. Not that you asked.

It was a blast, of course. Now, I didn't bowl terribly well (lots of splits, no strikes, no gutters). BUT! I did have an exceedingly clutch spare in the last frame of the last game, which allowed me to close a sizable gap and finish in third place by one pin. Word.

Saturday was....slow. Nice weather, but I didn't get out much. Wanted to wash the car, but, well...see above. I visited Simone and Rocky in the evening to watch some episodes of (the incomparably-great) Greg The Bunny, but that was about as much activity as I could muster.

Sunday: Tim and I holed up at the Big Dog to watch football during the afternoon. As always, the Big Dog = Big Fun. And in addition: Big Eagles win, and a big win by my fantasy football team Mild Acclaim. Alone in first place, a record of 8-2 with 3 to play. Top ranked offense. Etc.

Like I said. Big.

Other stuff: Last week's Robot Radio show is killer. Transcendant. Etc. Get the podcast on the East Village Radio site.

The new iPod shuffle is really small.


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