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Disaffected Nerd Boggled by Retro-Science (or: Placid Surface Belies The Monstrous Creatures of the Deep)

Modern Mechanix

I forget what the context was (and it can't possibly matter, because I'm sure the context had no bearing on the link itself--and that's not attitude, that's a fact), but Clampants pointed me to something on Modern Mechanix a week or two ago, and I'm now hooked.

I've always loved this kind of retro-futurism, with wild-ass predictions about how nuclear fusion would provide electricity that was too cheap to meter, how quickly the amphibious flying cars we'd be able to purchase by 1983 would get us from our offices 15000 feet above California to our undersea villas in the Caribbean, and how Bakelite would allow for entire cities to spring up in previously uninhabitable places (like Tashkent or Revere).

But Modern Mechanix takes things a step further, going after more mundane technologies like mushroom farming, trusses ("perfect in every way!") and S&M crowd control.

It's an incredible resource, and I've had to restrict myself to reading only 5 articles a day. Because with lots of things careening off the (invisible, magnetic, atomically electrified) tracks, it's weirdly amazing/amazingly weird to look back on how good things were supposed to be by now.

Retro-Escapism: Solving Today's Problems...Yesterday.


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