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this one's for Jeff Green


Harvard moved some buildings around this past weekend, requiring the closure of Mass Ave and the dissembling of powerlines, traffic signals and all kinds of detours.

A lot of other stuff was going on this weekend, too, and I've got 300+ pix to sort through before I put any of them on Flickr.

But in the meantime, I whipped up a quick and dirty animated GIF of one of the buildings pulling out onto Mass Ave, and starting its trip up the street. And by "quick" I do not mean it's quick to download. It's about 3.5MB.

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Dude you should put a warning on that, it's the Blair Witch all over again... Might I suggest a tripod? :)

Ha! Yeah, well, I only got the idea to do the time-lapse after I was 3 blocks away from my tripod.

But indeed....those prone to motion-sickness or epilepsy should probably give this a miss.


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