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breaking the silence

Remember me?

So here's the deal. Things aren't really that good. And I don't only mean the continuing problems I'm having with Flickr posts breaking all the (temporary!) designs I select. Though that sucks too, and every time I look at it I cringe, though it apparently doesn't bug me enough to try very hard to fix. (If you're looking for the sidebar, it's probably still at the bottom of the page.)

No, I mean...."things". Things™. They're not terrible, and certainly a case could be made that things are actually *plenty* good. But then again....they aren't, in a "how bad could they be? you have a roof, your grampa's beating cancer and you and everyone else you know is healthy, you should shut up and watch It's A Wonderful Life, and anyway lots of other people had a worse year" kind of way. Hard to describe, mostly unjustified, but there it is.

It's been a weird, long year, with a particular birthday and lots of other stuff that happened. So I might just be worn out, and have too much time on my hands.

So, I need to change some stuff. Probably starting with my attitude, which should be the easiest fix. But I'm sure it won't feel like it.


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