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Sleep and Dreams Part 3

One aspect of dreaming that I'm always amazed of is the apparent randomness of them. Today's entry is a great example. Various pieces come into play without any real background about how they came to be. In this case various people, objects, and situations appear without any back-story. This doesn't bother me that much, but it is more amusing than anything.

From Mar 9, 2001:

A random piece of spam email causes me to go to some place to meet a dude. When I get there I fill out some form and after I'm done I get invited in. I get feed very well and am at a really nice house. At some point the dude asks me to make a phone call. That call causes me to have a long conversation with a "major dude" that keeps mentioning the general. I know at this point these people are part of some anti-government group. I have to bullshit my answers but I manage to talk my way through everything. As I'm on the phone the dude is getting angry and takes my friend (who I guess came along with me) outside where my friend talks to a girl that is about to throw herself at my friend, but my friend still manages to piss her off.

I finally finish on the phone and need to change to leave (don't remember changing as I came in). However, I've already packed everything so I need to unpack my suitcase and scramble to find clothing. I grab stuff that is all very dirty and doesn't match. The brown dirt on my white pants really stands out, while my black pants are also all dirty. I'm trying to think of some way of getting out of this mess, without getting myself killed.

That's where the entry finished, kind of reads like a cliff-hanger. Tune in tomorrow night, see if I make it out alive, or find some other random item has mysteriously appeared in my dream.