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I don't know what is in the air this year but the topic of life changes, life altering, and meaning of life discussions seem to be happening frequently this year. I know I'm in a state of flux with uncertainty at work. One friend is looking to move out of New England to see what it's like living somewhere else. My old flatmate is also looking to move elsewhere in the country. My co-owner is getting married. Her future husband is due to graduate this year. My flatmate keeps talking about really cutting his hair this time. Other people I've been talking to are exploring the question about how to find or make meaning in life.

Oh how I just want to be wading in the velvet sea.


I think there must be something about being cooped up indoors with your thoughts when it's cold and leaden outside (or freakishly windy, warm and rainy, as the case may be today) that makes (certain?) people go all contemplative. Then there're all those blasted New Year's resolutions to contend with....