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Friends and I went to East Coast Grill's Hell Night for supper tonight. I left last time not having found anything that really overpowered me so this time I decided to try the Pasta From Hell. I have met my match. The pasta tastes great. However about 20 minutes after starting to eat it I got cramps in my stomach. I ate some more but then decided it was time to stop. The cramps got worse. My vision got funky. My main course came. I couldn't eat much of any of it, even the non spicy bits. I got the shakes. It took me a good ten minutes to eat a slice of corn bread. The shakes lasted for most of the rest of the evening.

This is one of those strange experiences. I'm glad I did it, because hell I can say I ate a bowl of the Pasta from Hell. It's also good to test your limits every now and again in a safe way. Given the cramps I don't know how safe it was but I doubt there will be any permanent damage (Penn & Teller motto). Wow, what a dish. And I didn't even have to sign the waiver form you the menu said I would. I'm still too wired to go to bed now. I think I'll watch some M*A*S*H drink some more flat ginger ale and hope that the Pepto Bismol does the trick.


Wow! I was just writing about East Coast Grill and food-pain: The most food pain I've ever been in was from the scotch bonnet Martini I tried (to order) at East Coast Grill. http://www.flickr.com/photos/43899010@N00/84682505/#comment22649321 Still my favorite restaurant, though
Looks like my link got stripped out (automatically?). But there's more about East Coast Grill in the Food section of today's NYT. Fascinating. Have a look. (I'd link to it, but.....)