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Path of Neo

For Christmas one of my friends gave me the PS2 version of Path of Neo the next Matrix based game. I had previously played Enter the Matrix so I was curious what they would do with the new game. One of my primary reason for playing Enter the Matrix was to view all of the side story from the three main movies. I'd also watched all of Animatrix and most of the bonus material that had been released. It had been awhile since I'd really sat down and played a game which made Enter the Matrix enjoyable.

Since Path of Neo is mostly a play through of the movie, this time as Neo, I was kind of curious what they could do. Unfortunately, they didn't do much. The entire game play is going around and killing or avoiding bad guys in various ways. Hand-to-hand combat, melee weapons, and guns, lots and lots of guns. The in game cinematics are amazing. When you are doing certain combos particularly when focused you get amazing fight angles and sequences. The problem is that's pretty much all there is to the game.

First you go through some training to learn the various skills and then it's off to the races beating up bad guys. About the only level that was really novel was the Merovingian's house which ends up being a 3D maze that you have to work your way through. There are also little things like a slightly odd UI for when it is safe to quit playing that got annoying after awhile.

The best in game movie was the red chair explanation from the Wachowski brothers about how they had to change the ending since Neo dying at the end doesn't make for good game play. That's all I'll say. You should watch it. Overall I'll give Path of Neo 5 out of 10.