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Last Day at Ruckus

Today was my last day working for Ruckus. The company decided to consolidate their operations into their Virgina location and as such closed the Bosotn office. I decided not to relocate having recently bought a house and I've never been a fan of working from home for extended periods of time. As such I decided to explore other possibilities.

This coming Monday I'm scheduled to start working at Allurent. I'm very excited about this oppurtunity while at the same time I'm sad to leave Ruckus. I always believed in their mission of providing low-(and now no)-cost digital media to college students. I've been against piracy for as long as I can remember and while not always vocal about it, expressed my feelings when asked about it.

Time to drain my brain and make some room for new challenges and learning at Allurent.


Good luck, man.