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The Gilman Manor liquor closets are reasonably well stocked. I have tended to go on kicks of certain alcohol types. Last year it was sake. This year it has been gin. Tonight I decided to do a little blind taste testing of the gins that I had. I usually drink gin with tonic but tonight it was all straight gin. I had John randomize the six gins we have into shot glasses from which I sampled. I scored two out six in matching the gins. For the other four I swapped them, in what I consider similar categories of gin. I'm not a super taster by any means but I was happy enough to detect differences in them to make educated guesses. The six gins I tasted were:

  • Bombay Sapphire
  • Tanqueray
  • Van Gogh
  • Seagram's Distiller's Reserve
  • Hendrick's
  • Miller's Reformed

I swapped Bombay with Tanqueray, Van Gogh with Segram's, and got the last two correct. Overall I'm fairly far gone and I still like gin :)

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If you ever go on a rum kick, here are a few worth trying: St. James (from Martinique) and Barbancourt (Haiti) are my two favorite dark rums; 10 Cane and Cachaca are examples of rums that are made directly from sugar cane rather than from molasses (dark rums have some molasses added back into them after distilling), they tend to have a lighter and quite different flavor. Cachaca is used to make the "national drink" of Brazil: the Caipirinha. It's made with a lime, cachaca and sugar -- great summer drink. St. James has a nice spiciness to it (I like the cheapest of the three grades best), and Barbancourt is very smooth and flavorful.