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Been Busy

Nothing of substance on here as of late since I've been busy. Or busy in my mind at least. Part of that being busy is procrastinating about what should really be keeping me busy but that I'm not doing. I'm not sure how well that parses. Let me try again. I'm not always doing what I should be doing so I feel like I'm always busy but not everything that is using up my time is productive.

I think I've mentioned in the past that I'm lucky to have large blocks of free time, in the sense that there isn't something that I should be doing at that point. Some have argued that having large chunks of free time like that is vital to working on big problems. I won't even begin to claim that I'm working on something more important. Call me selfish, and to some extend I am, but I like me time when it is my time.

I don't like me time when it is work time. I like having something to do at work. Having something to do when it is mine time varies from good to bad. The good is when it is something that I want to be spending time doing. Sometimes that's pure leisure like watching the entire 4400 marathon in a day. Other times it is something neat like playing with new software or odd jobs around the house.

Right now my procrastination centers around the class I'm taking. Yes, I'm back in class trying to complete that Masters I started a couple of years ago. I'm going through a serious love-hate relationship with it. I find the work interesting, when I understand it, and having the long-term goal is great, but when it is eating up that free time I sometimes don't love it as much. I'm finding it mostly centers around my mood. Some days I can wake up or come home from work and really want to work on my course work, while other days I really just want to watch TV.

The problem is course work has deadlines and my mood and those deadlines don't always match up. Couple that with some of that lack of understanding and the problem just gets worse. Keep in mind I'm not trying to make excuses and I really don't want to sound like I'm complaining, I chose this. If anything else I'm trying to reason aloud about how to make it work for myself.

During some of that procrastination time I've done some activities that had been sitting on the back burner for many years. In no particular order:

Played Racquetball, I won all the games.

Played an entire 7 game cribbage set, I lost while tied 6-6 by flubbing my pegging and landing in dead man's hole. That's what 5 and a half hours of play will do.

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