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MAX 2007: Keynote 2

Rough Draft Notes

Kevin Lynch

adobe.mtv.com Adobe AIR contest now open

Bruce Chizen

Financial community is like tooth drilling without novocaine. Press is fascinating. Print the words he says but surrounding it with other stuff, which isn't what I meant. As as CEO privacy is an issue. How much he makes is public. Now as a CEO there is legal risk, signing his life away.

Saturday. Dave Mathews Band concert. Back-stage pases. Talking about Adobe products.

In Keynote, sneak peaks, what developers/designers do with tools Adobe provides.


Server, Services, and Tools

Back common server side patterns into server code and reuse there.

Steven Webster

Experience matters, that happens on the glass. Experience behind the glass. LiveCycle ES, back-end to rich experience front-end.

Mitch Fried (mfg.com) online marketplace, geographically diverse, RFQ lots of data. Real-time back end matching., 3D PDFs with policy settings.


LiveCycle on top of Java SOA. Data services (what was FDS) is one piece of LiveCycle.
LiveCycle workbench (Eclipse based). Form guide builder. Getting to scan a piece of paper and turn it into an RIA.
Rights Management and Digital Signatures. Prevent printing or emailing. Assure return of confidential information.
Process Management. Workspace ships with LiveCycle to define and work with processes.
LiveCycle is available free on devnet.

Kevin: Adobe looking to create hosted services.

Scene7 Imaging, Share, Pacifica, CoCoMo

Doug Mack: Scene7, Rich media service and automation. Single master image. Many parameters to control flow. Demo of online uniform creation. Take content for granted and just design the experience. Delivered as SaaS. Scene7 image portal. QVC demo with AIR, Scene7, and Video. Looking to be as strong with print and online.

Andrew Shebanow: SHARE, file sharing in and outside firewall. 1GB of storage. Uploaded file from desktop, virus scanned, emailed person data was shared with, thumbnailed document. Viewer is Flash Paper on steroids. Embed file into HTML page through custom control. REST APIs (upload, share, retrieve). Also have AS3 libraries. In the future more improvements with file formats and organizations.

adobe.com/go/share/ beta available now.

Danielle Deibler: Pacifica, high quality voice, messaging, and presence. Almost like HD voice. Video preview sharing. Point-to-point connection on top of Pacifica service. High quality voice, text messaging, presence, NAT and F/W traversal. Roadmap: video, p2p, air, pstn access.

Private Beta starting this month, looking for people with applications that would fit the platform, also they are hiring.

Nigel Pegg: CoCoMo, Adobe Connect, been working on new client-server platform. Client UI now in Flex, now UI component framework, have access to lower level APIs. Opening up hosting infrastructure, real-time data messaging, av streaming. , , ,

Kevin: Thermo (Designers to create RIA)

Mark Anders, Stephen Heintz: Thermo, RIA Design Tool. Creating Flex applications. Own design. In context (x, y, width, height) display. Flex framework extensions (mx:Graphic, mx:Rect). Import PSD. Options to treat layers. (mx:BitmapGraphic, mx:TextGraphic). "Convert Artwork To". List management (auto random data). State management and automatic transition creation. Visual bind of controls. Automatically repeat sample data. Thermo and Flex Builder share project definitions.

Start to be available next year.

Kevin: XD

Mike Sundermeyer: What makes a great experience. Adobe inspire experience design site.

xd.adobe.com (alpha) Case studies, design patterns, hot topics.

Kevin: Biggest Flash Device. Susan B Yacht, Captain Kirk. InteliSea.

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