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Born Standing Up

Over my extended Thanksgiving break I picked up and read Steve Martin's "Born Standing Up: a comic's life". I'm not completely sure why I picked it up. I think I recently read a review of it and it looked interesting. I knew of Steve Martin and have seen some of his films, but I've not seen much or possibly any of his stand-up material.

The trials of breaking into stand-up comedy theater when there wasn't much of a scene are wonderfully told through Steve Martin's struggle. The book primarily focuses on his early years. Once he made it big the material speeds up and the book seems to end quickly. I would have enjoyed some additional retrospective about his final shows once he decided he was done with stand-up.

While Steve Martin was trying to become a comedian, many of the life lessons and trials he went through hold true for anyone trying to make it big in any field. His philosophical background helps him bring the right perspective on what made things work out and what failed for him. For this reason even if you haven't seen much of this stand-up career the book is worth reading.

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you might also like the documentary about seinfeld. it was recorded at a moment when he decided to let go of ALL of his old material and start fresh. the process looked pretty grueling, and gave me a deeper respect for comedians.
Man, growing up in the 70's, Steve's comedy albums were the height of comedy. And when he hosted SNL, you dropped everything and tuned in. I'm not a huge fan of his movies, but he rocked as a standup comedian.