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Agile Project Management with Scrum

Reading Ken Schwaber's "Agile Project Management with Scrum" has been helpful in reinforcing for me the key benefits and practices that make up Scrum. The numerous real-life scenarios presented in the book help flesh out the essence of Scrum beyond the six and a half pages of rules which comprise the entire Scrum process. As mentioned in the book it is one thing to understand the rules of Scrum but it is very different to understand the purpose of the rules and how they make Scrum such a success.

Allurent has been using Scrum for sometime now and while we have successfully completed many sprints and delivered shippable software with it, after reading this book I've noticed some subtle nuances that could make us even more successful. It was also good to examine the entire Scrum process more from the ScrumMaster perspective, since my experience with Scrum at this point has only been as a member of the team.

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