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Drop City

T.C Boyle's Drop City follows the life of a hippie community forced to move, Alaskan frontiers people, and how their lives become intertwined. Not having grown up in the 1960's Boyle's portrayal of the hippie community felt more realistic then the idealized version commonly presented elsewhere. Likewise having grown up frequently camping and spending extensive time outdoors, the Alaskan narrative felt realistic, even having never tried to live completely off the land.

One of my biggest complaints with the book is the number of minor characters introduced whose stories are never really satisfied. Unlike the unnamed characters on Lost always milling around on the beach in the background, some of Boyle's characters are fleshed out enough to leave you hanging at the end of the book when never heard from again. Thankfully the fate of all of the major characters are dealt with otherwise I'd be tempted to say the book was complete rubbish.

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