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I'm sure anyone who is reading this blog has probably gotten sick of the recent stream of book review reposts. In looking back at previous years I see a spike during the first part of each year. Being able to say that with confidence gives me joy. Like many quantified self activities I've gotten into recently, I don't always have an agenda when starting to track. I have however often found such data to be beneficial in retrospect. That and how else could I get my geek on by being able to whip out my phone and showing my trending candlepin bowling average...

This blog entry title harks back over a dozen years and like so many things, I've got the "data to prove it!" Not that I quite know why I'm saying that. It fits with the topic so I'll go with it. Drat, lost my train of thought. Oh right, in the vein of my friend David's attempt last year, my joy tonight isn't just from noticing trends but also in recalling and recording what has been a pretty cool weekend. The short summary includes Friday night drinks and watching Incendiary (3 out of 5). Saturday included my weekly inbox zero, playing with Flash Builder, cooking a roast with an onion and mushroom bourbon sauce and mashed yams, watching Big Fish (4 out of 5), and seeing Terminus (delightfully dark and curse the guy who started snoring!). Lastly Sunday brought a brunch party (preceded by making a lovely loaf of Amaretto banana bread), finishing Outliers (3 out of 5), watching Sunset Limited (4 out of 5), searching out and finding Harney & Sons' Winter White Earl Grey, and getting around to what you are reading now. Most importantly none of it felt rushed. Now perhaps a little repose.

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