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January 21, 2013

Antarctic Pictures

With the Superbowl two weeks away and this past weekend a resounding success for RumbleTV Playoffs, I was able to take a little breather today and finishing sorting, culling, and posting my pictures from my recent Antarctic trip. Enjoy.

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January 10, 2013


For a long time now I've been posting the books that I've read with my reviews on this site. My original intent with posting books on this blog was to capture the notes I took while reading. Turns out I've very rarely or ever gone back to those notes. I suspect it is a case that the act of writing down the note provides more meaning than the note itself. For a long time now I've been a member of Goodreads and track my books and reviews there since they give me neat statistics and recommendations. Instead of cross posting you can just follow my Goodreads feed or friend me on Goodreads.

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January 9, 2013

AWS EC2 EBS Partition Resize

I recently noticed I was getting low on space on one of my EBS volumes I mount on my EC2 server. After doing some research (aka Googling) it seemed like a simple procedure: umount, snapshot, create volume, resize, and mount. I even found a concise page that detailed resizing an EBS volume with sample commands. However when I got to the resize step I ran into an error along the lines of "The filesystem is already XXX blocks long. Nothing to do!". Turns out I didn't mount the complete EBS volume as a drive but instead partitioned it. The snapshot and create volume steps had increased the size of the EBS volume but not my partition. Without a graphical interface the prevailing recommendation to use gparted didn't help. Thankfully I stumbled upon another blog posting about resizing partitions using fdisk without losing data. While that post dealt with another virtual server service the same basic principles applied. After carefully deleting and recreating the partition on my EBS volume keeping the starting sector and file type the same resize2fs finally worked and I was off to the races. In retrospect the partition table hacking makes sense that it would work but isn't something I would have thought to try.

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Annotated JSHint Configuration File

I've put together an annotated JSHint configuration file. This is mostly just a text formatted cut and paste of the documentation on the website (DRY shudder) in a format suitable for use with node-jshint. I find it handy to have it all in one place when setting up new node projects. You can grab the config from:


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