July 17, 2007

Cirque du Soleil

Since 1999 I've been a devote fan of Cirque du Soleil. However, last night maybe one of the last shows of theirs I see ([Update: I lied, I just needed a break :)]). I took a trip down memory lane and since that first show in 1999 I've seen many others and have watched them in multiple countries. For my own posterity (and I still think I'm missing one) I believe these are the shows I've seen:

Oct 15, 1999La NoubaOrlando
Sep 4, 2001DralionBoston
May 25, 2002VarekaiMontreal
Aug 4, 2002QuidamBoston
Oct 30, 2003SaltimbancoZurich
Jul 24, 2004AlegriaPhiladelphia
Aug 7, 2004VarekaiBoston
Dec 4, 2004MystereLas Vegas
Dec 5, 2004OLas Vegas
May 8, 2005CorteoMontreal
Oct 7, 2006CorteoBoston
Jul 1, 2007DeliriumBoston
Sep 19, 2008KoozaBoston
Aug 30, 2009AlegriaBoston
Jun 27, 2012TOTEMBoston
Jul 1, 2012TOTEMBoston
Jun 27, 2014AmalunaBoston

Why after so many years and so many shows am I having a change of heart? Maybe its a passing thing but the price to value ratio has gone out of whack. For what it is, Delirium tickets felt like they cost twice as much as they should have. I did go the VIP route for a couple of shows and with the free swag, program, and food/drinks it felt more like I was getting good value for my money. I didn't have that feeling last night while watching Delirium.

The show itself is visually stunning, makes fabulous use of video technology, and continues in CdS fashion with memorable music. Like the book I'm reading now, CdS has scarcity going for it. I don't know of another brand (although I'm sure one exists) that produces similar shows. As such they can drive the price up and still manage to sell tickets, although there were quite a few empty seats last night.

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June 30, 2006

The Circus is Coming to Town

Cirque du Soleil's latest touring show is coming to Boston (Sept. 8 to Oct. 8). I saw Corteo when it debuted in Montreal and loved it. Get your tickets now, they are on sale for Cirque Club members and the good seats always sell out fast.

Also if you want to borrow it, I just got a promotional CD-ROM in the mail about the show.

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