April 20, 2009

Last Class & Last Course

After many a late night and busy weekend I'm elated to have finished tonight the last class in the last course of my Master of Science in Computer Science from Northeastern. I'll be graduating the 1st of May! It hasn't completely sunk in yet that I'm done. I started this journey 4 years ago in the cold winter of January of 2005 while I was at Towers Perrin and they had a sweet reimbursement deal. I had originally planned to complete the end of last year but ended taking a semester off when I learned I was being laid off from Ruckus and didn't want to be looking for a new job in the middle of my next course.

In looking back I feel I was a better student as an undergraduate. I've lost track of the number of times I thought I wasn't going to make it through or just couldn't pull myself to get the work done on time. I don't remember those thoughts being as frequent as an undergraduate. Then again, at that time being a student was my full time job. Since I've been working full-time while pursuing my degree, and always put that first, I know I should have done better in a couple of my courses. On the flip side, it feels like I learned a lot more in my graduate work. That probably is mostly due to the fact that the majority of my courses were filling in gaps or delving deeper into topics that I studied as an undergraduate.

Now to figure out what to do with my new-found free time :) I should be able to get back to working on some projects I've put to the back burner while I helped build out Allurent's latest offering and finished this last course.

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