January 3, 2012

2011 Computer Usage

For the past year I've been using RescueTime to track how I spend time on the computer, my smartphone, and while at Brightcove my time away from the computer. The total number of tracked hours for 2011 was 2870 hours, most of that productive (see graph below).

The two biggest productive categories were software development (editors and command line) and communication/scheduling (email, IM, and meetings) each around 900 hours. My biggest distractions for the year were SpaceChem, Google Reader, and The New York Times.

Overall I don't feel like I wasted that much time and am not really surprised by where most of the time went. The number of meetings was more than I wanted but that has changed dramatically since switching jobs.

The dip in Feb was SpaceChem. The rise in Mar was a buggy Android client. Lastly the trough in Jul was my trip to the Arctic.

Tags: life rescuetime