February 8, 2009

This Not That

I've gotten myself into a funk at home where I'm not interested in doing anything personally productive. I've got some projects I should be working on (read as a new Antennae release), some ideas that should be explored (read as playing with ANTLR), some loose ends to clean up (read as finishing the comments on my Nepal pictures), and we'll completely skip over how botched up I've been with personal communication lately. Instead of doing any of that, I find myself sitting in front of the television or mindlessly playing on the computer.

A new age book I have kicking around talks about Personal Velocity and the issues with being above (stress, burnout, anxiety) or below (boredom, apathy, depression) your optimal velocity zone. I did say it was new age :) Taken with a grain of salt it makes some sense. I personally think given my tendency this just happens from time to time.

The fact that I've been skimming 43 Folders has only made me more self aware of how out of the zone I might be. I wonder if part of that is that it has been awhile since I've felt passion for anything outside of work. While it doesn't look like I've written about it on this blog, I've ruminated on passion in the past, mostly around that fact that I wonder if I've ever had it (versus temporary infatuation) or that it has been a long time since I've felt it.

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April 30, 2006


A couple of my coworkers I've found out have blogs. You can find them here and here. Check out the Connect 4 app on that first one.

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April 30, 2006

Pair Programming

Most of today and the later half of yesterday afternoon I spent pair programming. While I've collaborated for short periods of time with other coworkers, this is by far the first concentrated time I've spent doing it. Overall I'm inclined to believe most of what the advocates claim about pair programming. We created a lot of code and most of it worked on the first run. We didn't practice a TDD approach, but did make sure that good unit tests existed. Some of the simple issues that still came up even with two sets of eyes on the code were simple compile time errors like missing imports and changed method signatures on system APIs (the downside of working with a beta of Flex 2).

Unlike a "true" paired programming session, I didn't do much typing. I think this stemmed mostly from the fact that our development systems are laptops. It isn't as easy to slide the keyboard and mouse over to your partner in this case. Even though I wasn't doing the typing, I contributed to the code by helping spot potential issues (syntactic and strategic) while duplicating knowledge on some of the more potentially error prone plumbing of the system.

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