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So, I've been grooving on some mixes over the last couple days. Only a few of them are still online, so links might be at a premium, but I'll try to describe why the mixes are so awesome.

The most recent thing to kick my ass is an Ursula 1000 mix on Lime Sorbet. Two standouts here are a Red Astaire white label called Back to the Old School, and a remix of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" by (I guess) someone/something called "Wonder Boots." If you're reading this before 22 Sep 05, check out the mix. It's stupendous.

Now, I've seen Ursula 1000 a couple times, including an earth-shaking set at the old Lava Lounge (Lava Bar?) atop the HoJo in Kenmore Square in 2001. Brother Cleve had a regular night there a few years ago, and the seque into Ursula 1000's set was amazing. Quite a night. Ursula 1000's records are stupendous too, though I'm not sure anything matches All Systems Are Go-Go. There's supposed to be a new studio record out soon.

Segundo: Tim pointed me to an incredible guest set by Stromba on Beats in Space. A ton of old funked up reggae and dub. Never heard of Stromba before, and since they didn't deign to run down the setlist, I have no sense of who did any of the tracks. One stood out, though: a live version of Gary Numan's "Cars" on steel drums. Not the best song in the set, but certainly the weirdest.

There've been a variety of amazing Tiefschwarz mixes knocking around, and as I type this I'm listening to the new Tiefschwarz studio album Eat Books. I tried to wait for it to be released domestically, but all I could find was imports for US$25. I'm sure I'll buy it on CD too at some point, but for now I'm stuck with 128kbps.

Seems like there was more, especially given the foundation-rocking appearance of the nano on the scene, but I guess this is going to have to do for now.

I'll stop here, lest I have to change categories.

EDIT: durrr....left out a bunch of quotes in those links, which munged the whole post. I'm often more coherent than that. All fixed now.


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