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Nanoo-nanoo, nano.

Another fortnight, another iPod. My iPod nano came today, and boy is it sweet. It's as captivating as the original, and certainly as fantastico as my original 20GB 3rd gen (before it lost all that battery life.

I got a white nano, because just as sports cars are supposed to be red, I believe that iPods are supposed to be white. The color screen is slick, though I'm not sure I'll use the nano for pix very often (because there's no Firewire, you can't dump a camera or CF card to it directly, like with the color iPod (nee iPod Photo). The fact that it's based on flash memory means that the music quiz (for instance) doesn't kill the battery. Nor does flipping madly through songs.

I think it's really the perfect cross between the iPod and the shuffle. It's a little thinner than the shuffle, a little shorter, and shinier. It looks just like a 1:3 scale iPod.

Of course the packaging is perfection. Nice coated paperboard slipcase about the size of a 2xCD case. Whatever Apple's numerous flaws are, they've got the out-of-the-box experience nailed.

Instead of prattling on, I'll link to some pix and reviews (since I'll not be able to do better on my own). Gizmodo has a very nice round up, and Ars Technica has a typically informative and extensive (not to mention painful) review.

I will say this: In contrast to one reviewer, I'll say that the nano is not the coolest thing I own. That's either Veloce or my Cremaster Cycle catalog or my complete Alfred Stieglitz. Or Dodging Missiles.

But it's close.

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SDFJKHDSKHWIEUROMMNCNNIOP. (My response of insane jealousy.) Oh dear lord I want one. It is so beautiful!

(Also, like, dude, I totally linked to you on my blog too! OMG!)

ROFL! OMG! ASL? More links to my blog. That makes, like, two now. Yay! lol.

Ahem. Anyway. Yes.....the "nano as warm puppy" feeling. I'd wondered if you had seen this post yet when you mentioned the nano the other day.

It's quite fantastic. I reccommend it highly. A puppy, too, but that goes without saying.


No, I hadn't seen your post! Which makes it that much worse, that I was going on and on about the Nano in that email and there you were, sitting there with your very own Nano-puppy. Probably thinking, "Oh poor girl, she doesn't know what she's missing."


Ha! I *was* thinking that, yeah.... How'd you guess?

Wait. What was I talking about? Oh right, the nano.

You hardly went "on and on" though. I think it was merely one line of admiration.

Fear not; there are plenty of nanos for everyone.


Right, but the one line of admiration was distilled from like 3 billion lines of "eeeeeeee I love it so cute and stylish and perfect and if only I had one my life would be complete" running through my head.

I know there are plenty of them, but that doesn't change the fact that you have one and I don't. :)




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