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In the days of folk music, "ramblin'" meant "to hit the road without attachments"

The fact that I am getting a cold, and cannot hear anything out of my left ear is only partially outweighed by the following curiosities:

The depths of my left inner ear hurt when I belch. WTF?

My car, already melifluous and burbly, sounds even deeper and more menacing. And with the top up, my aural congestion deadens some of the annoying booming resonance at various speeds the XR can create.

The heft, or degree, or severity of the "cotton in the ears" (or should I just be direct and say "phlegm in the ears"?) feeling changes based on how I tilt my head. That's probably the weirdest part, though not as weird as the time I had an ear infection and it lowered all sounds by a semi-tone. Maybe that's next; I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Of course, I'm so spaced out today that I drove all the way home and got to my front door before I discovered I'd left my house keys at work. So I was pretty happy about that.

If I had soup, I'd have soup and a sandwich if I had bread....

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Cambell's Condense Chicken Soup on sale at Shaw's for 5 for $2. Coupon clipping for the suburban soul.


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